Experimental System Elbrus was the Soviet attempt at creating a Quantum Super Computer, similar in design and function to the one built inside REDOUBT ABBADON, within the US, otherwise known as AKASHIC.

It is unknown if Elbrus was successful in its activation, however most reports suggest that Elbrus was constructed sometime in 1983, in Northern Ukraine, and with a full battery of tests being executed on the system until April 1986.

There exists evidence which suggests that the system did not rely on the otherworldly, extra-dimensional artifacts produced by high level V manipulators, like AKASHIC does, but rather a mimetically linked collective of dosed manipulators. The drugged murmurs of these manipulators were then piped back to a secret group of analysts, who would attempt to discern the insane ramblings for any hint of a way to achieve superiority over their western rivals.

In the spring of 1987, a still loyal Nicolai attempted to infiltrate the cordoned Soviet facility where the mimetically linked collective continued to survive.