Magnasanti was a secret project related to the GLOCKNER Medical Group's experimentation with XS6. Created originally as a holistic medicine retreat in the mountains of Arizona, Magnasanti eventually was introduced to a consistent supply of XS6, which in turn began to shape the beliefs and culture of the society that began to form there. It is unknown if the site was originally funded as a CIA front company, via GLOCKNER, or simply wound up that way, later on its existence.

The Magnasanti Experiment, as it came to be called, produced a trans-dimensional artifact known as APOLLOYON KEY. APOLLOYON KEY is regarded as the single most critical part to forming the super computer AKASHIC.

Part cult, part CIA front company, Magnasanti would eventually consume the lives of several persons connected to it, either through ritualized drug abuse or a conspiratorial purge of all members who might have known the organizations true purpose.