Following the devastating attacks of 9/11, which in the timeline of PANTHEON decimated the Executive branch of the U.S. government, a power vacuum was created. To compensate for the breakdown in the traditional political process, what remained of the ordered government in D.C. reorganized into a special council in order to address the emergency at hand. Calling themselves the Interim Special Executive Council, an elite group of politicians combined the remnants of both the supreme court and congress and granted themselves immense powers over all functions of governance with the assurance to the American public that the council's existence was only temporary, and would end as soon as key positions within the executive branch were once again filled.

15 years on, little has changed, and the Interim Special Executive Council continues to be the highest echelon of government in the United States. Resistance to the ISEC has remained constant throughout its existence, however few if any inroads have been made in order to dislodge the group from power.

Membership of the group is purposefully obscured.